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Dedicated to providing solutions and delivering results, Chloe collaborates with Executives and their teams to enhance impact, productivity, confidence, and resilience.

With a focus on empowering clients to unleash their full potential, Chloe is committed to helping individuals perform at their optimum level.

Bringing over two decades of experience across diverse industries, Chloe understands the vital importance of leadership capability in driving business success.

As a certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Chloe is passionate about enhancing performance and fostering positive work environments, making a meaningful impact in the lives of her clients.


Partner with me if you:

- want to transform the way you lead

- create a better workplace for you and your team to deliver results


- be more energised and accelerate progress


I design engaging workshops that leave a lasting impact and drive team performance improvement.

Each workshop is personalized to align with your unique learning goals, ensuring effectiveness by empowering participants with actionable steps.


These actions foster individual and team, performance enhancements, promoting accountability and lasting change.



Your company's culture, the heartbeat of your business, is what truly drives success.


It's the invisible force behind every action and decision, shaping your current achievements and future success.

I understand they key inputs to creating thriving workplaces and the profound impact of culture on business outcomes.


I partner with clients to craft straightforward, authentic, and forward-thinking people strategies.



The coaching partnership offers a dedicated space to define clear objectives, identifying what is getting in the way of you performing at your optimum so that you can make the shift and be a truly impactful positive leader.


Together we will sharpen your focus on key priorities, fostering confidence, and vitality for the delivery of results.


You have the option of 1:1 sessions or join others (maximum of 5 participants) to revolutionise your impact, by strengthening your mental fitness over a structured 7-week program for maximum results!

"Chloe’s style of facilitation is unique and involves everyone in the room equally.  Her facilitation of our Business Planning Day ensured that we were able draw out what each of our visions were for the business.  The day balanced reflecting on our successes to date, and looking forward to our opportunities for growth – as individuals, a team and a business.

As a business owner, I found immense value in both the pre-work sessions with Chloe, and the de-brief following the day. I highly recommend external facilitation for all business owners, as it allows the business owner to participate and not facilitate."


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