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Success Stories

Team Effectiveness


Following an organisational restructure a new team was struggling with the changes that were being implemented and finding it difficult to deliver what was expected.

I worked with the leader in the first instance, gaining an understanding of their leadership approach.  We put together a plan for sustainable change that included facilitating a workshop, working through the gaps, recognising their character strengths as a team and what they needed to gain momentum and deliver what was required.

After checking in 6 months post engagement  the leader reported:
The team are on form, they are delivering what I need them to, I feel confident and we are all having some fun along the way – I’m so glad I reached out and got the help I needed.”

Getting the Mojo Back!



An experienced Team Manager  recognised that their own enthusiasm and confidence had decreased and that their team was not performing to their potential.  I worked with them to understand what their leadership focus was, what was important the team and their customers. The plan I developed was practical, simple and measurable.

 “Chloe helped me reflect on what I wanted people to experience in me as a Leader, facilitated the team in getting to know themselves and each other more and it was the kick start we needed to get back into action. The project in working with Chloe has resulted in us being more efficient in allocating work, each of us are happier in the work that we do and are enjoying working alongside each other – what a difference it’s made and it genuinely didn’t feel too onerous to get there.”

Establishing Our Company Values



“We knew that having a shared sense of behavioural values that the team believed in was important for us to have a consistent customer experience and a sense of unity across the team, we just didn’t know where to start.  We asked Chloe for assistance and she worked with us to get to the nuts and bolts of who we are as a team and what is important to us. 

Business Meeting
Wellbeing and Impact


"I engaged Chloe to facilitate a Leadership Wellbeing program for my team. Chloe engaged with us in a fun and compassionate way that enabled us to be vulnerable and comfortable to learn, not only from her, but from each other. This was an opportunity we hadn't had before and it has paid off immensely! We are much more connected, we have more fun and without a doubt we have more trust in each other for us to perform better for our teams. I wish we had taken the time to do this earlier but now that we have started, we will continue to invest in our leaders as it has had such a positive impact all round."

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